Empower Voters  

Expand voter access and restore voting security for all Alabamians regardless of their party affiliation.

I will push for the following policies and practices that empower and protect voters:

1. Automatic voter registration for everyone who is eligible;

2. Early voting open to all eligible Alabamians;

3. Accessible polling locations for all voters;

4. Support for poll workers through clear communication and training from the Secretary of State’s office.


Provide Transparency

Be an accountable public servant who is focused on service. 

I will enter into office with the highest goal of serving the people of Alabama. I will not be influenced by corporate or dark money, but I will challenge the corruption that exists in our state’s capital. I will be a leader of public service and will not use my office to intimidate voters. I will be accountable to all Alabamians.


Secure and Protect Voter Files

Ensure that every eligible Alabama voter is registered and on the voting roll.

All Alabamians that are eligible to vote should be registered to vote and able to freely exercise their right. It is imperative that the state of Alabama secure its state networks, databases, and voter systems. I will work to end Alabama’s involvement in the unfairly partisan and unreliable voter database known as the Interstate Crosscheck Program. I will focus my efforts on making sure voters are registered and know when, where, and how to cast their ballots as well as how to file complaints if they encounter resistance.


A Secretary of State’s Office that Works for the People

Make the office more accessible to citizens and more efficient.

As Secretary of State, my office will be adequately staffed so that applications and inquiries are processed quickly, and information is easily accessible. The office will be responsive to any questions or concerns from the citizens of Alabama. The office belongs to the people, and I will make certain it operates that way.