Find out more about the role of the Alabama Secretary of State.

What does the Alabama Secretary of State do?

The Alabama Secretary of State is the chief clerk of the state and acts as the primary custodian of important state records. These records include business registrations, legislative acts, land records, campaign finance records, trademarks, and more.

In addition to keeping the great seal of the state, the secretary of state is the state's chief election officer, responsible for running and recording the results of all state elections.

What is the term duration of the secretary of state?

The secretary of state serves a term of 4 years, with a limit of 2 consecutive terms in office.

Why should I care about the secretary of state?

One of the major roles of the Alabama Secretary of State is to provide access to information that belongs to you, the people. This is a great responsibility and can be used to hinder or help the people of Alabama.